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A credit score is not the amount of purchase that you incurred with your credit card and neither does the term refer to the points that you save for every purchase that you make with the credit card. This is not the meaning of a credit score.

Although it does involve credit per se, it does not only refer to credit cards but to credit in general, or in more common terms, a loan. A credit score is the numerical product of your credit history, from the loans that you incurred in college to the purchases that you make with your credit card. All are being recorded and filed under one credit history that can come back and hunt you if you are not careful.

A credit score is used by banks and lending companies to make decisions on your loan applications. With a not so good credit score, you may get rejected for a loan or if you are lucky will be given a fraction of the amount that you are asking, for a higher interest rate and a shorter payment period.

A credit score, you see, determines whether a person is reliable enough to be given the money to as a loan. For although, they will be earning from you through the interest rates that they put on the loan, banks and lending companies are still cautious because they do know that they cannot just lend their money to people they don’t know if able to handle money.

A credit score depends on a lot of factor. One of which is your reputation as a borrower. Are you always late in your payments for your credit card? Are you always knee deep in debt because you cannot seem to get around to paying each one until the interests were just too high?

Do you have maxed out credit cards? Have you had any other credit or loan that you have paid for or are still paying? How many are they? Have you had any problems paying for your loans? These will figure in the credit score that you will have.

Other considerations that make up your credit score is income that you are receiving currently. People who have high income are generally perceived as someone who can handle a loan. Another factor besides the ability to pay factor is the amount of debt that you have. If the bank feels that it is too much debt for one person, they can easily reject your application.

There are many ways to get a credit score. The industry standard is the FICO score, named after its creator Fair Isaac Corporation. FICO score is being used by credit reference agencies, that will gather the materials about your credit history and then determine from their the credit score. Some use their own scoring systems that are comparable with the FICO score.

The FICO credit score can now be determined by purchasing it over the internet through the website of credit reference agency, Equifax. The fee is $12.95. The other two credit agencies, TransUnion and Exparian are also selling their own score for roughly the same amount although TransUnion packaged it with their credit history report that people can purchase online.

So now you know what the meaning of a credit score is? Let’s hope you will work on your own credit score.